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Misting Fan – BE Industrial

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$603.00 excl. GST

The BE Industrial misting fan combines a high pressure, centrifugal misting system with a blower fan. That means there are no misting nozzles and thus no possibility of clogging from hard water build-up.

There are 3 fan speeds to choose from — low, medium, and high.

This outdoor fan has a very wide head, at 650mm across, and when combined with the oscillation option, is highly effective at cooling.

The BE industrial misting fan is fed by a huge 41 Litre water storage tank and includes a no mess drip collector. You can also control the mist volume output to help get you through the heat this summer.

Ideal for:

  • Large outdoor events
  • Industrial
  • Warehouse
  • Workshop
  • Horticulture
  • Agriculture


  • Great for workshops and factory floor areas
  • Adjustable height to 1.8m and 3 speed operation
  • Large water storage tank
  • Integrated water reservoir
  • No mess drip water collector
  • Heavy duty base for safety and stability
  • Portable installation: self-contained unit moves easily between locations;
  • Fixed wheels and lockable castors for safety and convenience
  • Nozzle-less misting hub technology (high-speed centrifugal atomizer) is guaranteed not to clog
  • Adjustable dial to control misting volume
  • Low pressure water pump for reliability and longevity
  • Automatic shut-off when water tank is empty
  • Suitable for cooling people, stockbreeding and greenhouse applications


  • Motor: 240V/50Hz/260W 3 Speed
  • Fan Blade: 650mm Cast Steel 3 Blade
  • Maximum airflow: 138 cubic metres per minute
  • Maximum Noise: 68dB
  • Oscillation angle: 90º
  • Fan tilt adjustable: 30º
  • Adjustable Mist – Exit Vol: 0-16kg/Hour
  • Maximum water supply: up to 9hours
  • Effective area: 200 sq metres
  • Operating Temperature: 10 – 50° Celcius
  • Effective temp drop: 4 – 8° Celcius
  • Operation Humidity: 10% – 85%
  • Diameter of atomized drip: < 10 um
  • Mist Jet distance: 8-10 m

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