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TESCON® PROFIL Corner Sealing Tape 60mm x 30m

$80.85 excl. GST

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  • Specially designed for corner applications
  • Three individual removable strips of release paper
  • Long-term durability
  • Thin, highly pliable and easily formed into corners and shapes
  • Flexible to account for building movement

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TESCON® PROFIL is specially designed for a secure and permanent airtight seal of junctions between INTELLO® intelligent air barrier and window and door joinery. TESCON® PROFIL corner sealing tape is a valuable component of all air barrier systems. It is compatible with all membranes, underlays as well as rigid sheathings, rigid wall underlays and rigid air barriers (RAB). TESCON® PROFIL is airtight and vapour permeable. It is flexible, easy to cut, and has a simple to-remove release paper, ensuring maximum productivity during installation. TESCON® PROFIL provides an airtight adhesive seal to the substrate, forming excellent seals under all application conditions.

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