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Roof and Gutter Repair Tape 80mm x 10m

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Self-adhesive tape designed for the flashing and sealing of roofs and gutters.

  • Easy to apply, Green / Eco friendly product, Solvent Free
  • Sealing and detailing before waterproofing
  • Sealing joints between floor and roof sheeting on decks and balconies
  • Flashing metal surfaces
  • Patching pin holes on roofing and gutter surfaces

Butyl Fleece Tape is a self-adhesive tape designed for the flashing and sealing of roofs and gutters. and easy to use peel and seal tape with a fabric layer and butyl rubber adhesive. This is used to flash and seal various surfaces.


Butyl Fleece Tape must be applied to a clean, dry, smooth and dust-free surface. Cut the tape to the required length Peel the release liner that covers the adhesive side and position the sealing tape. Roll-press firmly the product when installing to avoid entrapment of air bubbles. Press with a roller or a cloth pad.
When connecting two tapes, use an overlap of at least 50mm
* Butyl Fleece tape must be protected from UV rays. Not to be used over expansion joints. Do not apply solvent based coating and adhesives directly on to the tape surface.

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