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Pro Clima CONTEGA® IQ Interior Joinery Connection Strip 90mm x 30m (Masonry)

$205.50 excl. GST $187.01 excl. GST


(for masonry construction)

CONTEGA® IQ is used for an airtight connection from windows and door frames to the airtightness layer.

  • Effective airtight seal around windows and doors
  • Outstanding adhesion on cold and/or damp surfaces
  • Thin, highly pliable and easily formed around corners and shapes
  • Flexible and expandable to accommodate building movement
  • Airtight connection for the life of the building

CONTEGA® IQ makes airtight connections around windows and doors to the interior air barrier. It is a highly flexible, humidity-variable adhesive strip. Multiple adhesive strips allow flexible installation options for masonry or timber frame construction. The tape has slack for expansion to allow for relative motion between components providing a durable seal. CONTEGA® IQ can be plastered or rendered over on the fleece side making excellent integration into surfaces that will be plastered.

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