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COLOURTREND TrippleCoat 3 in One Acrylic Sealer Primer & Top Coat Low Sheen 10L

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A premium grade 100% Pure Acrylic with adhesion premoters which acts as a Primer, sealer and Top coat all in one. suitable for both exterior and interior surfaces, in a Low Sheen Finish.


ColourTrend Paints TrippleCoat 3 in One is a 100% pure acrylic interior / exterior sealer / Primer & Top Coat All in One, supplied in Low Sheen White or all colours (free tinting) 4/l Can be applied to all surfaces including:- Exterior / interior Walls, Ceilings, Gypsum Plaster, wall-boards, concrete, blocks, precast concrete, cement plaster, fiber-cement sheets *Contains amazing adhesion promoters, incredible Bond all timber types has excellent tannin stain blocking capabilities offering exceptional performance over>new & Old timbers & all types previously painted substate surfaces.

TrippleCoat on modified cements, bricks, cement plaster, concrete blocks, fibre cement sheeting, Gib-board, insulation board, plaster and Timber.


On all plaster, gypsum board and concrete, dilute first coat using 20% clean water – to ensure penetration adhesion.

We recommend the application of 2 – 3 Coats, use as supplied or dilute 10% water.

Apply by speed brush, brush, roller, conventional or airless spray. Ready for general use – reduce with water to spray (approximately 15% with water). Clean up with water before drying.

DRY TIME @ 15oC:

Touch Dry – 1-2 hours Recoat – 4-8 hours (or overnight)

(Temperature must be above 10oC during application and dry time.)

8-10 m2 per litre per coat, depending on surface porosity over other substrates

PACKAGING: 1 Lire, 4 Litres, 10 Litres pails


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