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Chalkboard Paint 1L

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Chalkboard Paint is a waterbased coating designed for Chalkboards.

Available in Black or Green and other selected colours.

Provides a smooth scrubbable, Non-reflective surface that is easy to wipe clean. It can be used on wood, metal, interior or exterior on walls to create a writing surface for schools, playrooms etc.

Simply apply by brush, roller or spray directly onto custom wood, Hardboard or similar. Before use the entire surface
should be dusted by applying chalk and then dusting off to “prove” the surface before use.


  • Ideal for blackboards, menu boards and scoreboards.
  • Easy to wipe clean.
  • Non-reflective and hardwearing.
  • Matt black or green finish for wood and metal.
  • Suitable for primed wood and metal, inside and out.


Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free from loose flaky paint, dirt, grease and grime.

  • Bare wood: Sand smooth and wipe clean. Apply 1-2 coats of Multiprime wood primer.
  • Bare metal: Ensure surface is free from rust, Apply 1-2 coats of Tetracure P10 metal primer.
  • Previously painted surfaces: Remove any flaking or blistered paint, Sand down and wipe clean, then Apply 1-2 coats of Multiprime primer.
  • Bare MDF: Sand smooth and wipe clean. Apply 1-2 coats of Multiprime wood primer.


Stir well before use to ensure an even colour and finish.

For the best results, apply 2 coats using a natural bristle brush suitable for solvent-based paints and work well into joints and end grain. Allow the first coat to dry thoroughly, and then sand down lightly and wipe clean before applying the second coat.
Drying time

Touch dry in 2 hours. Overcoat in 16 hours.

Drying times will be extended at low temperatures.

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