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Bidim Non-Woven Geotextile A14 2mx 50m – 100m2

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Bidim nonwoven geotextiles provide an effective, economical solution to a range of engineering problems including weak soil, rutted and cracked roads and liquid and gas leaks from landfill sites


  • Roads
  • Rail Formation
  • Embankments
  • Liner Protection

For small residential, plumbing and landscaping drainage and filtration applications we recommend the use of our Filterwrap product.

bidim® is a nonwoven geotextile designed to provide effective and economic solutions to a multitude of engineering applications.

bidim nonwoven geotextiles provide excellent filtration and features a strong three-dimensional structure with high elongation. bidim nonwoven geotextiles also have a high melting point and high UV resistance.

bidim® nonwoven geotextile is manufactured to the highest international standards and has ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. As a result you can rely on the fact that, when you use bidim® geotextiles for your construction project, you receive the same high quality from the first to the last metre on the roll.



To restrict the migration of fine soil particles from a soil mass while remaining permeable to water movement at a rate at least equivalent to the permeability of the retained soil


To allow water to flow through or within the plane of the geotextile, allowing the dissipation of pore water pressure which can have a detrimental effect on engineering structures.


To separate and prevent two distinct soils or different materials from intermixing, thereby maintaining the performance of the individual materials.


To prevent damage to thin plastic liners used in landfills, by limiting deformation and puncturing potential.


  • The incorporation of bidim geotextiles reduces the need for quarried fill materials and reduces construction times.
  • Tightly rolled wide rolls can result in significant transportation cost savings.
  • Local production of bidim allows full QA traceability of every roll, with many customers auditing our local production facilities.
  • Needle free bidim geotextiles provide designers and installers in the waste and containment sectors with confidence that their liner will not be damaged.
  • Local UV testing conducted over many years, which important as we have one of the most extreme UV environments in the world.
  • Centre of Excellence research and testing into use of bidim as a cushion layer, yielding savings to contractors and asset owners.
  • Local production of bidim allows for production of project specific grades or roll dimensions.
  • Complies with all road, rail and landfill authority specifications.
  • Local stock holdings ensure we have the right product in the right place at the right time.

bidim geotextiles are supplied fully wrapped in rolls up to 6m in width to minimise wastage and laps. bidim is also available in a range of grades including  A14, A19, A29, A34, A39, A44, A49 and A64.

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