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Aquepoxy DampStop Waterbased Epoxy Coating 8L

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Stops damp rising on concrete floors under Carpets,Vinyl, timber floors etc, under floor heating, HoldS back up to 20kg of Hydrostatic Pressure on concrete floors, walls

Aquepoxy is a water-proofing dampstop 2 pack Epoxy, designed to provide adhesion to damp concrete surfaces, includes interior or exterior concrete, walls floors.

8 litres Aquepoxy – 4 litres “A” + 4 litres “B”


Aquepoxy is a 2 pack waterbased Epoxy System, cured films are non-glossy and exhibit exceptional adhesion, chemical and water resistance.

Aquepoxy has a proven ability to bond to damp surfaces, along with holding back 21 kgs of Hydrostatic Pressure for waterproofing damp concrete flooring and other substrates before conventional painting.

Aquepoxy is a water-proofing dampstop 2 pack Epoxy, designed to provide adhesion to damp concrete surfaces, includes interior or exterior concrete, walls floors.

Mix 1 litre Part “A” with 1 litre Part “B” By Volume, add additional Activator in cold conditions, apply using roller, brush clean-up use water

Apply 2-3 coats direct to concrete walls Block-work base, water-proofing below ground level, Also used to damp-proof interior walls, basements, and concrete floors to stop damp rising, before laying timber or carpet, vinyl etc

Insure all existing paint is removed before applying Aquepoxy add Aquepoxy activator in cold damp conditions.



  • Totally waterbased – ease of application – clean up with water
  • Environmentally friendly – no toxic solvent fumes
  • Outstanding adhesion to a wide variety of substrates
  • Exceptional toughness, flexibility, abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Holds back Hydrostatic Pressure (up to 21 kgs) – excellent for waterproofing concrete
  • Exceptional adhesion to 48 hour old green concrete
  • Aquepoxy compares favourably with Solvent Epoxy Systems


Aquepoxy should be used over all types of substrates where hardwearing low dirt pick-up properties, along with additional durability, abrasion, scrubability and chemical resistance are required.

For use on concrete, blockwork, Floorkote systems, concrete floors, Under Carpet / Vinyl etc. concrete pots, Hardiflex, fibre cement, Gib-Board / PlasterBoard.

For waterproofing under tiled bathroom shower units in multi-storey complexes, hotels, flats, hospitals, schools, freezing works, dairy companies, fish and meat food processing plants, shopping complexes, commercial buildings, retaining walls, basements, below ground. For graffiti protection and surfaces that require regular high pressure or steam cleaning.


Mix A and B 1 to 1 – equal parts by volume.

In hot climates, dilute first coats applied to concrete with 10-25% water.


11⁄2 – 2 hours at 20oC at higher temperature pot life will be reduced. (Do not use after exceeding pot life)


At 20oC touch dry 20 minutes -11⁄2 hours

8-24 hours to full cure depending on ambient temperature


Do not apply below 10oC, unless additions of activator are incorporated.

Contact Special Finishes Ltd.


By brush, roller, conventional or airless spray – dilute with 10-25% water for spraying.


6-8 m2 per litre per coat

For waterproofing:

  • Use minimum 3 coats
  • Apply at 200 microns wet film build
  • Allow 4 hours between coats


Using water – for best results use detergent and warm water


Keep skin clean at all times – Use barrier creams on hands before use. Wear protective overalls and gloves.

Use goggles and approved organic vapour cartridge respirator when spraying.

Eye Contact: Flush with copious amounts of water or dilute Boric Acid Solution – seek immediate medical aid. Skin Contact: Wash thoroughly with soap and warm water.

DANGEROUS GOODS: Not Applicable – non-flammable – waterbased

WARNING: Observe new Occupational Safety & Health (O.S.H.) Instructions

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