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SabreFix Low Expansion PU Foam

$16.75 excl. GST

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Single-component high-quality PU-foam with very low post-expansion.

  • Used for installing doors and windows,
  • insulation and fixation of pipes,
  • filling holes and gaps
  • as well as for sound and thermal insulation

Sabre Fix LF is a single-component high-quality PU-foam with very low post-expansion properties for filling pressure-sensitive joints. The pressure on joint sides is two times lower than with regular PU-foams. Sabre Fix LF has a very homogeneous dense structure and minimum post-expansion. It has good resistance to moisture and mould and achieves great results at low temperatures. The foam has very high adhesion properties, and adheres well to most construction materials, except Teflon, polyethylene and silicone surfaces. The cured foam is an excellent temperature and sound insulator.
Sabre Fix LF is packaged in an aerosol can, can be used with standard foam guns.

Weight 15 kg

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