Rubberised Bitumen Emulsion 20L

MIXGUARD RBE (DAMP PROOF COATING) is a thixotropic cold applied rubberized bitumen emulsion, single component dark brown liquid, which dries to provide a flexible, resilient coating.

  • 35% Solid Content
  • 6-10% Rubber Content


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Mixguard RBE is suitable for protect all types of concrete and many adhesive applications Tanking and waterproofing below ground structures providing and impervious membrane as a highly effective vapour sealer and curing compound.

Specially formulated water proofer and damp proofer for foundations, floors, walls and roofs. It is also a highly effective as an adhesive for wood blocks, wood mosaics, insulation boards, cork tiles and expanded polystyrene.

Mixguard RBE combines the waterproofing benefits of bitumen with the elongation and crack bridging benefits of rubber latex. The result is a durable flexible membrane for all water proofing applications. Curing and waterproofing can be completed in one application. Mixguard RBE is a single component, solvent free material. Non-flammable and nontoxic, resistant to chloride and sulphate attacks


Surface preparation: Surface must be clean and free from dirt, dust, rust or any other material which may impair adhesion. Porous surfaces such as concrete and fibre reinforced cement should be primed using Mix guard RBE diluted 1:4 with clean water Old concrete and steel must be structurally sound prior to application. Repair damaged concrete using Mixbuild HS or Mixbuild NF. Steel should be blasted and treated.

Foundation protection: Mixguard RBE can be applied directly to green concrete immediately after the shutters have been removed. Two coats should be applied at right angles ensuring complete coverage of the area. Clean sharp sand can be used to increase DFT. 

Sandwich construction: Apply two coats of Mixguard RBE onto the smooth, clean concrete sub floor @ 1m2 / litre / coat. Whilst the second coast is still tacky, blind with Clean sharp sand to give protection against foot traffic and provide a key subsequent screed. Ensure theta the membrane is taken up the walls to marry with the damp proof course and the dried film is not damaged. Lay the screeds to a minimum 50mm thickness and allow drying thoroughly before laying floor covering.

Surface treatment to existing floors: Apply a priming coat @ 7.5m2 / litre by diluting one-part Mixguard RBE with 4 parts clean, cold water. Allow to dry thoroughly. Apply two coats Mixguard RBE @ 1m2 / litre /coat, taking each coat up to joint with existing DPC. Ensure the dried film is not punctured or damaged before floor covering is laid.

Note: Floor covering containing high amounts of solvent or plasticizer should not be laid over Mixguard RBE.

Method of application: Mixguard RBE can be applied by brush, roller or squeegee. A minimum of 2 coats should be applied.


The coverage rates vary according to the density, porosity and texture of the concrete to be treated. Typically, a coverage rate of 2-3m2 / litre for two coats. Minimum recommended coverage is 2 – 4m2 / litre.

Note: Drying time depends on the surface & atmosphere condition.


Mixguard RBE will deteriorate under UV and may be protected from such damage by painting with water-based paints. Consult paint manufacturers regarding method of application and suitability of paint for use over bituminous coatings. Not suitable for negative water pressure applications.

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