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Solvent Free Epoxy Floor Coating Semi Gloss 4L Kit - Grey

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Semi gloss, hardwearing, solvent free epoxy coating with excellent chemical resistance, making it an ideal surface for floor areas subject to vehicle traffic or chemical spill.

  • Automotive workshops
  • Factories
  • Hangars
  • Concrete protection in Wineries and beverage industries
  • Residential garages
  • Warehouses
  • Showrooms

Simple to mix having a 1:1 mix ratio and easy to apply by brush or roller.

  • Durable and Hardwearing epoxy formula
  • Incredible adhesion to stable concrete
  • Non-toxic and solvent free
  • Available in 12 standard colours. Tintable on request
  • Apply by brush, roller or airless sprayer
  • Excellent fuel, oil and grease resistance
  • Easy 1:1 Mix ratio
  • Withstands high levels of hydrostatic pressure when cured
  • Can be applied to new concrete after 14 days*


8-10 sqm / litre per coat.

Domestic garage floors – Two heavy coats

Workshop, hangar and factory floors – Unpainted concrete – Three coats

Pack Size: 4L Kit (2L Part A, 2L Part B)


Ensure the substrate is in clean and sound condition. The surface shall be free of dirt, oil, grease and loose material. Pre -painted surfaces must be dry, any loose or bubbling paint
must be removed by diamond grinding. New or very smooth concrete should be etched with Hydrochloric Acid then thoroughly waterblasted. If the concrete substrate has a rising dampness issue, apply a primer coat of Moistureseal. Cracks can be cut out using a diamond cutting blade on an angle grinder, then filled with some epoxy resin.

Mixing Directions

Wear impervious gloves, such as latex or vinyl disposable gloves. Stir the Part A thoroughly to ensure that no pigment has settled, then take an equal quantity of each Part A and Part B and mix together thoroughly until a consistent mix is obtained. A spiral mixer on a low-speed drill is recommended. Ensure that no unmixed ingredient is on the sides or bottom of the pail.


Once mixed the working time is 2 hours @ 20°C, or 1 ½ hours @ 25°C. Apply the mixed Epotread 1000 to the prepared surface evenly by roller using a 10mm roller sleeve. If using an airless sprayer, the first coat application should be assisted with a roller to ensure no air is trapped in the substrate. Thin 20% with clean water for the first coat only. Avoid thinning for subsequent coats.

**Refer to data sheet for more details

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