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Drain-Tec Channel

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$436.62 excl. GST

Size: 21mm x 140mm x 4.0m

Pack size: 1

Aluminium drainage grate

As part of the constant further development of our product portfolio, with steady growth in the deck construction sector, we are delighted to present our new system component:

DrainTec – aluminium drainage grate

The construction of an open-air space is accompanied by an extensive set of requirements. In developing the DrainTec drainage grate, we turned our attention to the topic of:

drainage for façade and deck surfaces. The DrainTec drainage grate focuses on the detailed aspects of how these surfaces connect to building openings, e.g. areas that connect to doors, or transitions from vertical façade surfaces to horizontal deck surfaces. Its special geometry allows it to “trap” the rain so that the water falls directly onto the weatherproof layer, or into the gutter, without covering the door element or the façade cladding with reflected water (backsplash). Heavy rain is drained off in a controlled manner. The flat geometry (21 x 140 mm) allows the grate to be combined with standard deck boards or fine stoneware slabs.

The aim is to ensure permanent drainage without dammed-up water.

  • Can be combined with the Eurotec product range to create elevated deckareas
  • As an inspection and cleaning fitting
  • Even for low door-joint heights
  • For creating barrier-free, wheelchair-friendly transitions
  • Also suitable for direct mounting on load-bearing foundations

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